Alison Bess-Holcomb

I was raised in a military family and married a career military man. It was the only life I knew and seemed normal to move all the time. I counted up the times we relocated and came up with Twenty-four different addresses. Then I counted the times I moved with my Navy father: Eighteen. So don't ask me where I'm from...

I started writing stories about my experiences as a Navy daughter and wife for my kids and then I tried a little poetry, so what you will read here is the result of that effort.

I've tried to make these poems a composite of military life as experienced by any wife and mother, in any of our military branches. If you see yourself as that military wife, girlfriend or fiancée, then I have succeeded and all I can say is: Aren't we lucky to share this great life with the guys (always our heroes!) we love.





But most of all: YOU GO GIRL!

More about Alison:

Alison is our queen of fun and adventure. If you haven't figured that out from her verse, you should go read it right now...

At this age it's difficult to tell what's in store for the poor cat...


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