Ashley Sant

I nurture the fantastical place within my heart where dreams are created. You can often find me off in an imagined world, dreaming of new words to put to paper. I love writing pieces that make you think, or simply entertain you. I especially love poetry that is fun.

Along with poetry, I write fiction. I am fascinated by the idea of magic, especially that associated with fairy lore and legend. Currently I am writing my first novel. I live with my husband, Billy, and my pup named Pumpkin in Southern California.

I also write a blog focused on the craft of writing. You can find it at:

More about Ashley:

We struggled with finding the right cover for “Tapestry” for some time. Ashley rescued our efforts with several interesting designs for our cover

Our final cover

One of Ashley's first suggestions...

Another of Ashley's pro-offered covers/backs.

We used the border from this, combined with our preferred front above to evolve our final cover, as shown above.

For all her efforts,

Thanks Ashley!


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