Denver Howard

I was the fifth child in a family of seven children; born to migrant parents in the middle of the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Much of my early childhood was spent in the cotton fields, orchards, and vineyards of California. Along with thousands of other destitute families we traveled from crop to crop in a desperate effort to survive those terrible years of American history. If you have ever read the book, or seen the movie “Grapes of Wrath,” then you have seen a small glimpse of my early years; John Steinbeck told it well.

When my mother wasn’t working in the fields, or tending to children, she loved to write songs and poetry about things near and dear to her heart. Perhaps I inherited just a smidgen of that quality from her; I truly hope so.

By the grace of God, and a little luck, I left the fields and enjoyed a long career in the Aerospace Industry. I retired from the Boeing Company several years ago.

I have written and published a book entitled “From Peckerwood Flat they Came.” describing those memorable years. Although the chronicle was written primarily to record the story for my children and others to follow, I am surprised at the number of other people that have purchased and/or read my story. It is currently available on

I hope to spend my remaining years writing whatever inspires my soul and stirs my imagination; much as my mother did.

Circumstances kept Denver from participating as much as he might have in Tapestry, but you'll enjoy his autobiographical descriptions of this “Grapes of Wrath” era.

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