Lynda Hartman

I was born in New York City and consider myself a product of the sixties.

I was uncomfortable with the teachings of my childhood and skeptical of what works for the masses. I listened to what my mind told me and that was not the story I saw on the news. I was on a quest for Reality.

I always knew I’d be a writer, but it was clear to me that the story of popular belief had already been told and I could tell at an early age that I did not believe it. I set out to discover for myself the new thought, because that’s where the real story is. When I found it, I would own it because it would be my thought.

I studied Physics and discovered that those in the know all agree that Reality isn’t real. Beneath the level of the Higgs boson, lies the Higgs field and apparently nothing is there. Nothing is a lot to think about and I did.

In recent years I have found resonance with Metaphysics. The unity of all things and the path of personal empowerment have spoken to me. The new thought I was seeking turns out to be a very old one and I now have something to say.

My poetry offers personal comment on current events and timeless truths.


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